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Emily Armenta

My studio is a source of inspiration. I am inspired by the creativity that surrounds me on a daily basis. I cannot imagine outsourcing my art to another country and missing out on the creativity that takes place every day. Spending time at the studio provides an incredible opportunity for me to invent and create something that can never be duplicated. Furthermore, the studio is a magical place for me as I am able to see firsthand how believing in duende can make the impossible become a reality.

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Jude Frances

Combining classic elegance with on trend shapes and styles, Jude Frances Jewelry offers something for women of all ages. Starting with their signature hoop and charm earring concept, Jude Frances has evolved into a comprehensive line featuring necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings across several collections.

Founder Jude Steele uses her unique style and design aesthetic to lead the Jude Frances design team in creating fresh, on trend styles that appeal to a variety of women. Driven by fashion and style, Steele has a knack for staying ahead of trends. This combined with her background as a photographer has given her a keen eye not only in leading the design team but creating new vision for the company as a whole.

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Alex Sepkus

Alex Sepkus is out! Or, as he might say, Alex Sepkus is also not so out. In a world full of designers scrambling to turn fine jewellery into an offshoot of the fashion industry -- and therefore, by nature, attuned to the fad (it‘s called the rag trade for a reason) -- Alex remains so focused he never feels the need to chase anything. Why should he? His picture is big, like a magnificent mosaic; the components comprise detailing so small he and his workforce require microscopes to execute it, which is only the first contradiction from this designer.

Alex Sepkus makes no sense. Somewhere between P.G. Wodehouse (of whom he is a big fan) and a worn flagstone from a medieval church floor, Alex found timeless beauty. So, perhaps he makes perfect sense.
Alex would enjoy the question.

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Lika Behar

Lika Behar was born in the magnificent city of Istanbul.

With roots in ancient Anatolian civilizations, this former Byzantine capital has evolved into a cosmopolitan metropolis which juxtaposes sublime historical architectural expressions within a modern skyline. As such, Istanbul is known as one of the truly great romantic destinations of the world and is the fundamental source of inspiration for the Lika Behar Collection. Lika’s family lineage is one of storied gold coin dealers; a trade long believed to be the lifeline of the Mediterranean. Her collection elegantly reconciles the rich inspiration of ancient jewelry traditions, utilizing only pure and nimble 24 Karat gold. The results are pieces wrought with a sensual and tactile modernism. The 2008 collection is also infused with brilliant gemstones reflecting the varying hues that recall the depths of blue waters that cradle Lika’s birth country. Her workroom in Istanbul deftly reconciles ancient history with the sensibility of the modern world. Each piece from the collection is uniquely hand wrought with the exquisite precision once celebrated by ancient artisans; yielding a tawny luxury fit for the modern woman whose jewelry reflects, at the same time ancient history, and the art that is the modern feminine spirit.

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La Soula

La Soula Jewelry was created by Kimberly DeTomasis Meehan Born and raised in Providence Rhode Island and now finds her home in Fairfield CT with her husband, four children, and a bustling dynamite jewelry line to create!

“La Soula” comes from “The Soul” of Kim, a place that recognizes the silver linings of life that reflects in all of her daily work.

Kim comes from the fashion world as being a small boutique buyer for her own E-Commerce boutique, with concentration on the garment and accessory staples that pull a woman together for the everyday comfort, but CHIC lifestyle.

The La Soula Jewelry line was then made with the same thought process in mind of comfort marries chic for an effortless beauty. Each collection was designed to become the Jewelry wardrobe essentials. THE MUST HAVES. The favorites. The GO-TO pieces. The ones you wear, everyday.

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The Mazza Company

The Mazza family’s involvement with the jewelry industry dates back almost two centuries in a small town just south of Naples called Torre del Greco. Starting in the 1840’s the Mazza family worked with coral and conch shells for cameos, which they harvested and hand carved in Italy. At the turn of the century Louis Mazza left Europe to import gems and Mazza carvings to the United States. In the years from 1950 to 1960 his four sons joined the business as it expanded. The third son, William, worked closely with the major designers, honing his own creative skills, and in 1970 produced his first collection for I. Magnum & Co. and Bergdorf Goodman under the Mazza name.

Today William is joined by his three sons William, Jeffrey and Steven who continue to practice the fine jewelry techniques passed from generation to generation. The Mazza Company continues to create their unique collections using hand carved gemstones and other special gems in the family tradition. The Mazza Company, the formerly unknown supplier of gemstones for many famous jewelry houses has now emerged as a leading creator of 14K and 18K fine fashion jewelry.

The collection is represented in the finest independent stores throughout the nation. International distribution spans from Mexico to Canada and the Caribbean.

The Mazza Company continues to broaden its designs with its newest collections which all reflect Mazza’s commitment to contemporary design while holding fast to the tradition of the Italian masters.

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Martha Ackerman Jewelry

Chef, model, wife, mother, jewelry designer, blogger. This is Martha Ackerman, through the years.

Detroit, Sarasota, New York, London, San Francisco, Nashville. All home, for a while, raising her two children, and settling (for now) in Los Angeles.

Married to James Ackerman (himself an entrepreneur in the world of TV and film production), LA is ultimately where she has mastered the fine art of her latest, all-consuming passion of designing jewelry.

In her studio, atop the Hollywood Hills, Martha works delicately and precisely on intricate designs, handmade in gold and silver. Translated, with fine gemstones, into chains, pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings, and all things bright, shiny and beautiful. Contemporary in design, yet timeless in style. Relaxed and relentlessly formal, all at once.

Where, as an interesting sideline and a nod to her earliest profession, you can find her best food recipes. (It’s all irresistibly delicious.)

Stay update with the exquisite work of Martha Ackerman on her blog.

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